Lavinia Vaduva

I capture glimpses of beauty through artfully told stories, whether caught on camera, through illustration or by using media as a curator of reality.

I've been experimenting drawing and illustration techniques for a few years, mostly self-taught and influenced by my work in the ads & brands world, as well as personal introspection practices, such as yoga and meditation.

Letting the eyes wander, I make simple drawings by hand, ink on paper.
Translating the mind's stream of consciousness into surrealist forms, I allow continuous lines to unfold in a thoughtful process.
Currently immersed in the craft of ceramics in the clay-lab, I'm exploring pottery in a new body of work.

My work has been showcased by Pilat Gallery and at 'Sneakers Art Exhibition', during Romanian Design Week (Bucharest, 2016).

Lavinia Vaduva (RO, 1987) working and living between Amsterdam & Haarlem (NL), drawing under the alias @mimocoro.


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